2013/2014 Executives

Carolyn King, B.Sc. student, Natural Resource Conservation, UBC, Vancouver, BC

Carolyn is currently starting her fourth year of undergraduate at UBC, studying Natural Resource Conservation with a focus on science and management. Carolyn hopes to continue on to do her masters with a focus on forest soil classification and looking at belowground ecology. Her passion for soils developed as she learnt more about the complexity of soil processes and their vast importance to life, and especially to the forests of which she loves to explore. Carolyn grew up in Vancouver, but has spent most of her summers in Terrace, a small, northern town that she considers to be her second home. Carolyn is happiest when she is outside, either going for hikes throughout BC’s many different ecosystems, or just digging in her garden.

Anya Reid, Ph.D. student, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, UBC

Anya Reid is currently working towards a PhD that focuses on the effects of organic matter removal and compaction on long-term forest productivity and health. This project is in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations and will be carried out on the Long-Term Soil Productivity (LTSP) test sites within British Columbia. For more information about Anya’s research interests and background please visit her website at www.anyareid.ca.

Alisha Hackinen, M.Sc. Student, Soil Science, UBC; Vancouver, BC

Alisha Hackinen is a long time student at UBC having completed her BSc in Global Resource Systems there in May 2009.  While in her undergraduate years, Alisha had the opportunity to intern with several small local scale organic farms which drove home the message that soil management is foundational to the health of our community and our planet.  She is currently pursuing her M.Sc. in Soil Science in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, under the supervision of Dr. Maja Krzic.  Alisha’s research will combine two fields which she is passionate about, soils and education, by examining teaching methods in sustainable soils management.  Born and raised on the west coast, Alisha enjoys getting outside and into nature.  She balances her academic life with yoga, gardening, and cooking for friends.

Iain Hawthorne, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences and Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia


Website Coordinator
Silja Hund, Graduate Student, UBC Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Silja is a graduate student in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at UBC. Her background is environmental science and she has a M.Sc. in Geoecology from the University of Potsdam in Germany. Most of her work focuses on hydrology but she also has a keen interest in soil. During exchange and later her Master thesis that she wrote at the Soil, Water and Communities Lab at UBC, she had a chance to go on two Soil Identification trips with the PRSSS, which she greatly enjoyed. She is passionate about sustainable water resources and soil management, and works with soil on a (almost) daily basis in her backyard garden. Apart from growing veggies and flowers, she also enjoys exploring the mountains and lakes around Vancouver in her free time.

Undergrad Representative
Jen Berney, Undergraduate Student, Applied Biology Program, UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Jen is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC majoring in Applied Biology in the Food and the Environment program. Initially studying natural resource conservation with the Forestry Faculty she migrated to the agricultural side of things because of her passion for food. The consumption aspect is great however production is her true calling. She was introduced to the importance of soils in the spring of her second year at UBC through taking a course from the renowned Maja Krzic and was so enthralled that she signed up for the PRSSS field course that summer. Jen understands that maintaining a healthy soil teeming with biological activity is critical for the long-term productivity of any farm. This is perfect as owning and operating a diverse, organic farm is just what she intends to do!

E-mail Coordinator
Emme Lee, Undergraduate Student, Global Resource Systems, UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Emme is a student at UBC, where her studies are focused on Sustainable Food Production. Her main interests include soil science, decomposing organisms, nutrition, community psychology, social entrepreneurship, and food/environmental policy. She is currently working to integrate large-scale vermicomposting into UBC’s waste management operations. Other projects include campus sustainability engagement and integration, food sovereignty assessment through community-based research, and mushroom-growing. She is currently a member of the City of Vancouver’s Food Policy Council, and a Sustainability Advisor on the committee for the UBC student society’s New Student Union Building Project. She is passionate about local/regional food systems, and the seeding of a ‘sense of place’, where the happiness, health, and productivity of people co-exist with clean energy systems, and living with reduced ecological impact. Prior to her studies, Emme was a film/television costume designer, and an active member of the broader arts community. She produced festivals, and fashion/music/arts events designed to build social networks, enhance awareness around local issues, and support civil society organizations.

Bookstore Director
Andy Jakoy, M.Sc. Soil Science, RPF (retired); Vancouver, BC

I was born on April 27, 1935, in Hungary in a small hamlet where my father was the resident forester. I enrolled in the Forest Engineering School of Sopron (western Hungary) in 1954. The Hungarians revolted against the Soviet occupation in October 1956. The superior Soviet army soon defeated this ill fated effort and most of the Engineering School, staff and students escaped to Austria. In early January, 1957 we were transported to Canada and finally to the West Coast. In September, 1957 we started our studies as an affiliated faculty of the Forestry Faculty of UBC. I graduated with BSF in 1959. In the early 1960-s I worked throughout BC in forest engineering. I started an MF program in silviculture in 1965 in the Forestry Faculty of UBC. My research and thesis work was in the fertilization of 2-0 planted Douglas-fir seedlings in Coastal BC. I had obtained a teaching position in the Natural Resources Department at BCIT in 1967. Soon I established valuable contacts with Drs. Karel Klinka and Nurettin Keser; through them I met Dr. Les Lavkulich and in 1975 I started my grad studies in Soil Science under the guidance of Dr. Lavkulich.  In 1981, I defended my thesis, “Soils of grassland and forest transitions north of Kamloops, British Columbia”. Looking back on these years now, I feel I’d completed the best six years of my professional life at that particular time. During this period, I joined the PRSSS, which was initiated by Dr Lavkulich and have maintained my membership ever since. I was the president of our Society in 2002-03, when we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. As a retirement job I look after the report and map collection library of our Society, which we inherited from MOE in the mid 90s. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to learn from and to exchange information with such wonderful people as the earth scientists. I feel I earned the distinction as “director emeritus” of PRSSS.

Social Coordinator
Kiara Jack, Potato IPM Consultant, E.S. Cropconsult Ltd.;  B.Sc., Global Resource Systems, UBC; Diploma Environmental Sciences, Langara College;  Ladner, BC

Kiara has always had an interest in a wide range of subjects, with environmental protection and agriculture as a foundation.  She enjoyed soil studies in geography and soil management and found it interesting to learn how vital soils are to our existence.  While working on an organic farm and as a potato consultant in the Lower Mainland, she has developed a further interest and appreciation for soil. Traveling and learning are important in her life and she is passionate about growing, cooking and eating food!

Eveline Wolterson, M.Sc. Soil Science, EvEco President; Vancouver, BC

Eveline is the President of EvEco consultants.  She earned both her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees at UBC, and worked as a chemist for an oil refinery before finding her future in the field of soil science.

Jacynthe Masse, PhD student, Faculty of Forestry, UBC

Jacynthe Masse is a PhD student with the Belowground Ecosystem group in the Faculty of Forestry (UBC) under the supervision of Dr. Sue Grayston. She is studying the rebound of the nitrogen cycle and role of nitrifying microorganisms communities in reclaimed oil sands soils in Northern Alberta. Jacynthe is amazed by the uniqueness of soils as a source of life on this planet and she believes that soil management and conservation represent huge challenges that our societies will have to face in order to survive. For fun, Jacynthe enjoys running along the beaches in Vancouver, exploring BC, brewing her own beer and having friends over for good food and board games.

Past PRSSS Executives


  • President – Dru Yates
  • President-elect – Carolyn King
  • Secretary – Iain Hawthorne
  • Treasurer – Jeff Anderson
  • Membership Coordinator – Maciej Jamrozik
  • Bookstore Coordinator – Andy Jakoy
  • Website Coordinator – Trevor Baker
  • Newsletter Editor – Danielle Dodd
  • Community Outreach Coordinator – Alisha Hackinen
  • Email Coordinator – Emme Lee
  • Undergrad Rep/Social Coordinator – Hannah Tench
  • Director – Eveline Wolterson
  • Director – Kiara Jack


  • President – Alisha Hackinen
  • President-elect – Dru Yates
  • Secretary – Tim Philpott
  • Treasurer – Danny Seeton
  • Membership Coordinator – Brandon Heung
  • Bookstore Coordinator – Andy Jakoy
  • Website Coordinator – Jeff Liebert
  • Newsletter Editor – Danielle Dodd
  • Undergrad Rep/Social Coordinator – Foster Richardson
  • Director – Eveline Wolterson
  • Director – Jennifer Clark


  • President – David Poon
  • President-elect – Alisha Hackinen
  • Secretary – Emma Holmes
  • Treasurer – Katarina Glavas
  • Membership Coordinator – Khaled Hamdan & Brandon Heung
  • Bookstore Coordinator – Andy Jakoy
  • Website Coordinator – Rachel Strivelli
  • Director – Danielle Dodd
  • Director – Dru Yates


  • President – David Poon
  • Treasurer -Christian Evans
  • PR and Outreach Coordinator -Rachel Strivelli
  • Email Coordinator -Katarina Glavas
  • Bookstore Coordinator -Andy Jakoy
  • Webmaster -Christian Evans
  • Student Coordinator -Emma Holmes
  • Membership Coordinator -Khaled Hamdan
  • Director -Melissa Iverson
  • Director -Erica Milligan


  • President -Christian Evans
  • President-elect -David Poon
  • Secretary -Alicia Hall
  • Treasurer -Erica Milligan
  • Newsletter Editor -Rachel Strivelli
  • Membership Coordinator -David Poon
  • Email Coordinator -Amber Daniels
  • Bookstore Coordinator -Andy Jakoy
  • Web Resource Person -Julie Sabau
  • Webmaster -Ashley Peterson
  • Director -Melissa Iverson
  • Director -Geoff Hughes-Games


  • President -Christian Evans
  • Vice-President -Melissa Iverson
  • Treasurer -Sarah Lamagna
  • Director -Leslie Dampier
  • Director -Geoff Hughes-Games
  • Director -Amber Daniels
  • Director -Sara Rowland
  • Bookstore Coordinator -Andy Jakoy


  • President -Rachelle Lalonde
  • Vice-President -Beth Brockett
  • Secretary -Leslie Dampier
  • Treasurer -Maryam Mofidpoor
  • Website Coordinators -Matt Ball & Sarah Rowland
  • Newsletter Editor -Michael Shum
  • Director -Tanya Turk
  • Director -Art Bomke


  • President -Brian Wallace
  • Secretary -Leslie Dampier
  • Treasurer -Maryam Mofidpoor
  • Newsletter Editors -Mike Shum & Natasha Smyth
  • Director -Rachelle Lalonde
  • Director -Art Bomke
  • Director -Andy Jakoy
  • Director -Liz Freyman


  • President -Art Bomke
  • Vice-President -Brian Wallace
  • Secretary -Leslie Dampier
  • Treasurer -Susan Ames
  • Newsletter Editor -Mike Shum
  • Director -Andy Jakoy
  • Director -Liz Freyman


  • President -Natasha Smyth
  • Vice-President -Francois Teste
  • Secretary -Liz Freyman
  • Treasurer -Susan Ames
  • Newsletter Editor -Vikki Blouin
  • Director -Andy Jakoy
  • Director -Kristi Hromadnik


  • President -Andy Jakoy
  • Vice-President -Natasha Smyth
  • Treasurer -Susan Ames
  • Newsletter Editor -Francois Teste
  • Director -Brian Roberts


  • President -Inkeri Meharg
  • Vice-President -Pete Sykanda
  • Treasurer -Susan Ames
  • Newsletter Editor -Todd Redding


  • President -Jayna Houston
  • Vice-President -Inkeri Meharg
  • Secretary -Eva-Maria Jork
  • Treasurer -Susan Ames
  • Newsletter Editors -Sandra Traichel & Todd Redding


  • President -Sandra Traichel
  • Vice-president -Dina Schwertfeger
  • Secretary -Laura Principe
  • Treasurer -Jayna Houston
  • Newsletter Editors -Natalie Tashe, Inkeri Meharg, Dawn Smorong


  • President -Maja Krzic
  • Vice-president -Michael Shum
  • Secretary -Dina Schwertfeger
  • Treasurer -Sandra Jungwirth
  • Newsletter Editor -Sandra Traichel


  • President -Markuu Kostamo
  • Vice-president -Justin Straker
  • Secretary -Maja Krzic
  • Treasurer -Sandra Jungwirth
  • Newsletter Editor -Sandra Traichel


  • President -Aynslie Ogden
  • Vice-president -Markuu Kostamo
  • Secretary -Sandra Traichel
  • Treasurer -Donna Dean


  • President -Trevor Murrie
  • Vice-president -Aynslie Ogden
  • Secretary -Sandra Traichel
  • Treasurer -Donna Dean
  • Newsletter Editor -Katherine Wreford


  • President -Martin Carver
  • Vice-president -Trevor Murrie
  • Secretary -Sandra Traichel
  • Treasurer -Katherine Wreford
  • Newsletter Editor -Kathy Cook, Katherine Wreford


  • President -Barbara Cade-Medun
  • Vice-president -Rhian Evans
  • Secretary -Trevor Murrie
  • Treasurer -Martin Carver
  • Newsletter Editors


  • President -Eveline Wolterson
  • Vice-president -Barbara Cade-Menun
  • Secretary -Rhian Evans
  • Treasurer -Arthur Yee
  • Newsletter Editors -Kathy Cook and Geoff Hughes-Games


  • President -Geoff Hughes-Games
  • Vice-president -Eveline Wolterson
  • Secretary -Barbara Cade-Menun
  • Treasurer -Paul Sanborn
  • Newsletter Editors -Bill Price, Chuck Bulmer, and Marcia Monreal


  • President -Shannon Berch
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Newsletter Editors -Bill Price and Chuck Bulmer


  • President -Mike Goldstein
  • Vice-president -Reid Carter
  • Secretary -Shannon Berch
  • Treasurer -John Jungens
  • Newsletter Editors -Bill Price and Chuck Bulmer


  • President -Dan Lousier
  • Vice-president -Mike Goldstein
  • Secretary -Shannon Berch
  • Treasurer -John Jungen
  • Newsletter Editors -Helen Fyles and Bill Price


  • President -Carol Jones
  • Vice-president -Dan Lousier
  • Secretary -Narender Nagpal
  • Treasurer -John Jungen
  • Newsletter Editors -Mike Curran


  • President -Lawrence Lowe
  • Vice-president -Terry Lord
  • Secretary -Bill Herman
  • Treasurer -Carol Jones
  • Newsletter Editors -Paul Sanborn and Mike Curran


  • President -Tim Ballard
  • Vice-president -Lawrence Lowe
  • Secretary -Terry Lord
  • Treasurer -Carol Jones
  • Newsletter Editors -Paul Sanborn and Mike Curran
  • Director -Art Bomke
  • Director -Les Lavkulich


  • President -Charles Rowles
  • Vice-president -Tim Ballard
  • Secretary -Lawrence Lowe
  • Treasurer -Lawrence Lowe
  • Director -Les Lavkulich
  • Director -Art Bomke